Accusations with no proof

Accusations With No Proof

September 5, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 7

Accusations with no proof? It becomes just a bunch of mind games and finger pointing. Why do some people accuse others of cheating when they have no proof? This is a very good question and […]

What Did The Pain Teach You

What Did The Pain Teach You

July 3, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 0

What did the pain teach you? As a child we learned a very valuable lesson.  What lesson you’re asking?  Let me explain.  When a child touches something that causes them pain, what will they do […]


Dreamcatcher Single

July 13, 2015 lifewithnbrewer 0

I am so proud to say that I moved from my comfort zone and stepped out on faith on creating the Infinite Love project.  Infinite Love project contains songs from various genres and artist – 13 songs written by me ;).  […]

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All Eyes on Me!

August 5, 2014 lifewithnbrewer 0

Do you know whose eyes are on you? I was talking to my daughter when all of a sudden she rubbed my face and said “mommy I want to be just like you”. As I […]

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Life and Love Baby!

July 14, 2014 lifewithnbrewer 0

Life is life, love is love. I think this would be a cool motto. You know like how they used to close out a Soul Train episode with Love, Peace and SOOOOOUUUL! Just one of […]