Best Release Tips Ever

February 1, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 2

Here’s your chance to release. Release all the burdens you have been carrying for all these years. I know they are weighing you down because I too have experienced the very same. If I told […]

Going All Night

Going All Night

January 22, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 0

Welcome to Song Lyric Sunday!  We will discuss the meaning of going all night.  Do you know what it means? No, take a listen.  See more videos and subscribe to the REG YouTube channel – […]


Purpose – Find What Yours Is Today!

January 16, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 0

Purpose means the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. I love the images that I share with this post.  It does the best job describing how your gifts […]

fake love

Fake Love – Stop Accepting It

January 9, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 0

What is fake love?  Do you even know the meaning of real love?  How do you know the difference between the two loves?  Do you know?  Do you know?  Does anyone know? The song of […]


Planning – Welcome to 2017

January 2, 2017 lifewithnbrewer 0

Planning – let’s talk about it.  Have you had an opportunity to get some planning done for 2017?  We are two days into the New Year and ideally planning for 2017 should have been done […]

artist spotlight

August Artist Spotlight

August 6, 2016 lifewithnbrewer 0

The Resonation Entertainment Group August artist spotlight goes to Brittany Soul Brittany Soul is an up and coming singer, songwriter, and spoken word artist out of Las Vegas, NV.  She has a great passion for […]

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