November 28, 2021

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Join the Everlasting TV Movement!

Join the Everlasting TV Movement

Join the Everlasting TV Movement. Everlasting TV is here great people!

I am writing you all today to announce the official launch of my channel on Roku – Everlasting TV. Hurray!!!

My friends, do you know what this means? We have a platform where our voices are not restricted and we don’t have to conform to the world. Do you know how huge that is? It’s HUGE.

I created this Everlasting TV to provide the world with inspiring and motivational messages, just like here on That Thing Called Life. My mission/purpose will always remain the same. To flood the world with thought provoking and inspirational words/videos – that is what Everlasting TV is for. Everlasting TV is Here!

I have partnered with some amazing content creators who align with the mission. Let me share the mission vision and values of Everlasting TV.

MISSION – We are a Christian-based channel (about developing relationship, not religious) driven by a mission to inspire viewers by making great film, television, and musical works available. Content that is innovative, creative, fun, and entertaining geared for today’s generation and generations to come. We intend to share great content that will shatter societal stereotypes which will allow next level enlightenment, thinking, dreaming, and focus.

VISION – Our vision is to be an exceptional entertainment source that creates unforgettable moments which produces long lasting effects in the lives of individuals, families, and communities around the world.


  • Community always We provide opportunities, support, and nurture up and coming talent in both well served and under served communities.  We are devoted to establishing a greater, stronger, and loving community. We genuinely care.
  • Integrity We never waver from our moral and ethical compass. Our decisions and actions are based on values and not any type of gains (monetary, positional, etc.).  We are uncompromising. 
  • Excellence We adhere to a high standard of quality that is second to none. We operate with the spirit of excellence.  We do things well, decent, and in order every time.
  • Innovation We embrace change and forward-thinking bringing the “new” in our productions which continually raises the bar. We are industry leaders.
  • Our Team We push each other to be better and accountable. We work closely as a team, respect differing opinions and culture, and strive to see and do our best always. We are stronger together.

I encourage you to follow Everlasting TV on Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope @everlastingtv. This is not just a channel, it’s a movement. Join the movement.

If you or someone you know create movies, TV shows, web series, podcasts, music videos, etc., then send an email to or go to today!

Oh, I almost forgot, I have a show on Everlasting TV coming at the end of July. There is a segment titled “Let Your Voice Be Heard”. Go to for more information. Hurry, the deadline is end of day on July 10th. Act NOW!

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