August 7, 2020

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Fake Love – Stop Accepting It

fake love

fake love

What is fake love?  Do you even know the meaning of real love?  How do you know the difference between the two loves?  Do you know?  Do you know?  Does anyone know?

The song of the month of January is Fake Love by Drake.  It was released in October, 2016.  I am sure you’ve heard it by now.  If not check it out.  This is a very fascinating song in the sense that it speaks truth.  Some of us currently have fake people showing fake love to us – straight up to our face.  However we choose not to see it.  Yep, it is a choice.  My thoughts of this song are simple.  It is a song that everyone can relate to with a catchy hook, a hot beat, and thoughtful lyrics.  I liked this song so much that I played this song every time when I got into my car for like two weeks.  The line “That’s when they smile in my face.  The whole time they want to take my place” made me think about the song Backstabbers by OJays.  What they do?  They smile in your face…  Oh sorry, that’s one of my favorite songs because of my dad.

I am back to Fake Love now.  When the song started off, I thought the song was about a fake lover (maybe because of the video).  However, by the second verse I thought it was about a close “friend’ because he mentioned something about they changed as he rose.  Either way/frienshipuation, the song is applicable.  You will have lovers and friends, and I use the terms loosely, showing fake love.

Let’s talk!

  • Real love is unconditional and defined by trust and loyalty. There is no underlying reason why that person wants to deal with you outside of pure love.
  • Fake love is based on conditions. Basically what benefits can you provide them by even dealing with you?  Do you have something that they want?  Can you help them advance?  Can they live the highlife by being connected to you?  These are all conditions, and there are more.

Have any of you dealt with someone showing fake love?  If so, drop a comment below.  It is not easy recognizing fake love at times because some people are great actors.   As the time passes and we grow wiser, we tend to become more aware of things around us.  Words do not mean a thing if they are not followed up by action.  You can say you are going to do things and make tons of promises, but if you don’t act upon the things you say… It truly means nothing to the promised party nor should it.

My favorite line in the song is “I’ve been down so long it look like up to me.  They look up to me.  I got fake people showing fake love to me – straight up to my face.”  Well that is actually the hook.  I like it because it calls out the fact that sometimes in our life we get so down that anyone who shows interest in us we characterize it as love.  Don’t get it twisted.  You do have the ability to recognize when people are being genuine or not.  The person has said things and done things that they would have never done if it was real love.  Yet, they continue to play the role and continue to reap the benefits.  Remember this – you are allowing this.  You are accepting this.  What’s the saying – when people show you who they are, believe them.  Take the blinder off and that fake love will be clear as day.  Don’t be blinded by your heart desires because you are just falling in love with love.

I thank God for the gift of discernment.  If you don’t know that is, it is the ability to judge well.  Tap into your intuition guys and listen.  It will save you from the nonsense.  Stay away from that fake love.

Best Wishes!


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