August 9, 2020

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The Black Rose Experience



Black Rose, the last solo album from the multi-talented Tyrese. This album offers its listeners true R&B soul music. These songs are something that fans of the music genre have been missing for many years. I have been say for quite some time that there is a lack of quality music available to the public and this is what Tyrese delivered – a quality product. It is not often you buy an album and you listen to every song. I know I myself can count on my hands the number of artist that provides this type of music, just sad because there are so many talented artists out here. The Black Rose album will provide you with the feeling of a wide array of emotions: sadness, longing for another, joy, shame, hope, love, etc. From the vocals to the music production/arrangement, it’s like you stepped back in time to the good ole days. Remember the feeling you felt when you heard some of the great R&B soul artist songs playing on the radio (Rick James – Ebony Eyes; The Ojay – Brandy; The Temptations – My Girl; Teddy Pendergrass – Close the Door), those are the feelings you will experience with this album.

My favorite songs are: Shame, Dumb Shit, Addicted, Prior to You (featuring Tank). These songs, whoa! Check out the links and listen to the snippets of all the songs and hear what Tyrese has to say about this album.


Tyrese has said on numerous occasions that this is the album that saved R&B. I will say that this album is a must purchase. You will not be disappointed! Here is the link to purchase the album – BLACK ROSE on iTunes! #blackroseexperience


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