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The Resonation Entertainment Group’s Infinite Love Project is underway

June 21, 2015 – Maryland – Good music is difficult to come by these days. On the other hand, there is a greater need for love and patience in the nation. In an endeavour to bring the two together, the Resonation Entertainment Group began the Infinite Love project for the promotion of love and music in complete harmony.

Headed by Natashia ‘Tashia’ Brewer, this project was created featuring multiple artists to promote love and understanding in a world where there is very less of it. The Infinite Love project which was the result of a traumatic event was conceived to reach out to people through love and understanding and to transcend the boundaries that divide us.

To initiate the project, ‘Dreamcatcher’, the very first single will be released on July 7th 2015. This single speaks of a tale of a woman who found retribution and strength within her own soul as the result of a relationship gone downhill. Unlike others in the genre however, the singer is in fact grateful for the experience. The growth she derived from it was a result of the elimination of the darkness within her own self as her path to self discovery led her towards light.

This project is a convergence of people and their emotions and the manner in which we not only love others but also ourselves, an essence which is captured by the introductory single, ‘Dreamcatcher’.

About Resonation Entertainment Group

Resonation Entertainment Group synthesizes a better sound through inspirational messaging, innovative beats, love, and passion. Comprised of Music Publishing, Songwriting & Music Production and Marketing and Distribution, Resonation Entertainment Group is helps make artist dreams come true.


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