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A Glimpse of Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson

Follow me as I give you a glimpse of Tyrese Gibson.  For those of you that do not know who he is (imagine that), Tyrese is a multi-talented artist that has been in the entertainment game for 20 years.  My first memory of Tyrese was seeing him singing his face off on the bus in a Coca Cola commercial at the tender age of 16 years old, that was around 1995.  Since his first arrival on the scene; he’s release multiple albums, appeared in many movies and TV shows, written two best selling novels (How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Manology), produced a successful comic book series (Mayhem), and given back to the world through his inspiration posts on social media and various non profit organizations (Communities in School and soon to be launched #thelovecirclefoundation).  Did I mention that he’s also in the sprinter van business?  Have you heard of Chalmers Automotives?  Well, he owns 50% of this company.  He also employees 55 people at Voltron Entertainment.  Talk about diversification.

In his recent virtual press conference which was held on 3/24/15 (or virtual round table which he referred to it as), he provided insight to his upcoming projects, visions,  and provided great advice in the process.  Here’s a glimpse of Tyrese Gibson.

Upcoming Music

Tyrese’s last solo album Black Rose will be release on 07/07/15.   This is a deluxe double album, audio book, and documentary.  The album has several collaborations, which includes the following artist:  Snoop, The Game, Jennifer Hudson, Chrisette Michelle, and Tank (there are also discussions with Stevie Wonder taking place).  Here’s what Tyrese had to say about the album and his future musical endeavors.

What is the Black Rose album?  “I have created the Black Rose universe.  This is a double album, one side is R&B featuring Tyrese and the other side is Hip Hop featuring Black Ty.  There are 20 songs including interludes.  This album is the most honest and uncomfortable album but it is my truth.  I wanted to provide my fans with enough content since this is my last solo album.  Black Rose is my best album and will remind everyone of why they fell in love with R&B soul music in the first place.”

How was the album created?  “I received a vision, which I call an email from God, which said that I will record the entire double album in Arizona. I later found a mansion and 19 (singers, writers, producers, musicians) to be apart of the project.  We took a tour bus from LA to Paradise Valley, Arizona which was an 8 hours trip.  There were no wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, or children welcome in the mansion during this time which I called R&B Boot Camp.  We recorded 146 original songs in 34 days.  It was a lot of pressure, a lot of egos in one house on a creative level and was the most life changing experience and it was documented in the documentary called The Making of Black Rose.  The foundation of what the album was created on was blessed and I believe that if you put the right people in the right setting, you pray for them and everybody is likeminded and on the same mission to do something great, the sky’s the limit.”

Describe the audio book.   “The Black Rose audio book is a follow up to my two bestselling novels:  How to Get Out of Your Own Way; Manology which was writing with Rev Run.  This audio book will be scored, all the instrumental music from the Black Rose album will be playing as I read.  I don’t want the fans to get bored.”

What will be the album singles?  “The first single off of the Black Rose album is Dumb Shit which features Snoop Dog.  The song was inspired by my life.  I was in a five year relationship and got caught up (cheating and lying).  The music video contains two tributes at the end:  one to the movies Menace to Society and Baby Boy; one to Chuck Brown from DC.  Hey, I don’t write songs, I write about life.  I be doing dumb shit that I am ashamed of and this leads to the second single – Shame.  Shame features Jennifer Hudson.  This will be released on 07/07/15.  There will be a music short film for the song Shame, not a music video.  The movie is 23 minutes long.  Robi Reed did all the casting and it was directed by Paul Hunter.  I play a character that is a struggling soul singer which is a cross between Ike Turner/Teddy Pendergrass/Marvin Gaye who’s married to Jennifer Hudson’s character. The movie is set in 1968 (the year Dr. King was assassinated). It is the most uncomfortable movie we both played in.  I am abusive, doing drugs, drinking, etc.  We are looking to put the film in the Tribeca Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, and any other film festival that will accept it.”

Will you continue to sing?  “I will continue to sing, either by releasing random singles or with TGT.  TGT is still signed to Atlantic records, and we need to determine when and how another album will be done.”

Here is the official “Dumb Shit” video (I can’t stop singing this song – lol).

The single is now available on iTunes –**t-feat.-snoop-dogg/id973306401


The Movies

As mentioned previously, Tyrese has graced the screen on numerous occasions in movies like Baby Boy, Transformers, and The Fast and The Furious franchise.  He mentioned that he has a vision to build a movie studio and tax rebate incentive program.  If you don’t know what a tax rebate incentive program is, this is when a state provides a rebate to the studio when the filming is done in that state.  This is why so many movies and shows are filmed in Georgia.  Good to know right!

Tyrese mentioned two projects that are due to be released this year:  Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart where he plays Ice Cubes partner; and Southpaw which he plays along side Forest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Rachel McAdams.  Let’s discover what else Tyrese has going on in the movie front.

Furious 7 will be released on April 3rd, will there be other Furious movies?  “Furious 7 will be released on April 3rd.  Nothing has been confirmed on future releases.  There is great respect on this topic being as though Furious 7 is Paul Walker’s last film.  The movie ends with a beautiful tribute to Paul.”

Finishing the Furious 7 without Paul Walker.  “Paul Walker was an angel, was the nicest guy in the world and a sincere soul. In the 14 years of knowing him, there were so many moments of laughter, sharing stories about fatherhood.  I met Paul in 2 Fast 2 Furious which I was in following Baby Boy.  After losing Paul, the cast was uncomfortable with finishing the movie and doing the press. What made us feel comfortable was: his parents were in full support; Universal donated $1million to Paul’s charitable organization; and Paul’s brother’s Caleb and Cody stepping in to finish the movie.  Also, through prayers and faith in God this allows us to pull through and get through it as a family.’

Furious 7, Who is Roman? “Roman is every bit of Tyrese.  He continues to fight for more power and a bigger voice in the movie.  He is the voice of reality.”

Death Over Dishonor Trailer.  “Death Over Dishonor with trailer was not a real trailer   I teamed up with Lorenz Tate and spent about $5,000 to make the trailer. When you presents an idea, you cannot expect people to see what you see.  You have to provide a visual.  Ideas are physical and you have to make things idiot proof.  After presenting the idea, there is good news to be announced at a later time.”

Would you like to bring back Master Sergeant Epps in Transformers?  “I just discussed being ready to do another installment of Transformers with Michael Bay.  Shia LaBeouf is doing other things right now.  Shia is one of the few young actors that I look up to because he is so talented.  So we’ll see.”

Check out the Furious 7 Extend First Look.  I am excited to see this movie on Friday.

Purchase tickets in advance by clicking here –


Other Thoughts and Quotes from Tyrese

During the virtual round table, Tyrese discussed other topics such as charity and just dropped several words of wisdom that truly spoke volumes.  If you are on social media, then I am sure you’ve seen a video or two from Tyrese.  He shares inspirational messages to what he refers to as the Love Circle.  Here are a few jewels I want to share in this post.  Check it out.

Glimpse of Tyrese Gibson

What would you tell 16 year old Tyrese?  “Don’t allow anybody to make you feel bad about being so blessed because me feeling bad or guilty about me having more has cost me millions of dollars. People will play on your emotions, they will manipulate you, they will make you feel like you ain’t keeping it real if you don’t pay their bills and give them everything that they are asking you for.  You will keep them in your life and they will be talking the most shit about you while you are taking care of them.   I would say to that 16 year old Tyrese singing on the back of the bus you’re blessed and everything God has in mind for you is yours and don’t feel bad because you’re gonna do the work and you’re gonna earn your lifestyle. If you are going to do something that will make a difference in someone’s life and look out for them and hold them down and have their back when they need it the most, you should do it but don’t do it out of manipulation and games.  Do it because you feel like doing it.”

What is your emotion of the day?  “I feel bold. God has sent me visions and ideas and I’m just trying to find and continue to mold and shape and develop these visions and ideas to bring them to life.  You have to be bold to do a bunch of things that you’ve never done before.”

What advice would you give someone starting in the industry?  “Never let any man or woman ever compromise your sexuality or your spirituality that’s connected to an opportunity.  However, you cannot buy what’s not for sell.”

As you see, there was so much information Tyrese shared during this call.  He has great energy and you could feel the positive vibes resonating through the phone. Tyrese said so much to inspire me but the one thing that rang true to me was when he said the following:  “When you are a multi-talented person it can be too much for people to process, so you have to pace yourself and give folks bits and pieces of your gifts and talents at a time.  If God has blessed you with talents, then you have to use them.  I have gifts and I am going to use them and no critiques or no opinions will change that.  My Black Ty album can get one star and I will be okay with it as long as I was creatively able to get my shit out.  I stopped myself from living my life within opinions a long time ago.  I don’t remember the last time I lost sleep over a hater. ”

I have many God given talents (like so many of you) and will use them and will not allow others opinions, criticisms, or lack of support to influence my decisions or stop my flow.  I write (songs, blog post, working on a children’s book), produce music, run my own blog, design and make clothes.  All of this while I work a full time job and care for my husband and two children.  I know that is a whole lot going on, but I will never stop.   I hope you will do the same and keep pushing regardless of what people may say.  Believe in yourself and do you!

Best Wishes!


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