August 9, 2020

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Video Share


video share

Taking the time to video share.  Here are some promo videos for Resonation Entertainment Group and the 1st Annual One Sound Music Festival.  Well actually, one promo video and a sample loop.  I have also created an indiegogo campaign, check it out here –

The “One Sound” Music Festival is being established to showcase local and nationally recognized artist from a wide array of music genres.  The purpose of this festival is to expose the DMV (and world since the festival will have a live feed) to the fabulous thought provoking and soul soothing music.  There is a severe lack of quality music flooding the sound waves from the radio (that is why I rarely listen to it).  I am on a constant search for songs with meaning.  Do you feel the same?  This is a video share.

This is a sample loop which I created a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t share it because I had to purchase a license.  Done!  I really like to work with Propellerhead Reason (I worked with an earlier version some years age).  I love being creative from writing, music, drawing, or to sewing.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone to do what I was put hear to do.  I am working really hard to meet the established goals (yes, I am running this thing as a project – from establishing the business to putting on a music festival).  There is so much work to do and will be soliciting help from family and friends.

So, check out the video shares that are included in the email.  I am also going to ask that you share the links and if you have a passion and yearning for quality music, stand with the nation to highlight the hidden gems in the music industry – donate to the indiegogo campaign!!!

Best Wishes!


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