August 13, 2020

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Finding Your Happy Place!

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Finding Your Happy Place

Today was one of those days where I had to find my happy place (do you have trouble finding your happy place?).  I literally has to leave and take a break.  I sat in my car contemplating my next steps (how much can a person take?).  When I get to the point that I do not want to hear your voice or see your face, there is a serious problem.  I absolutely had to walk away to get my thoughts together.  Side note:  Shout out to my husband for listening and making me feel better.

Like I said on Facebook yesterday ( – when it is time for a change it get’s real uncomfortable.  I took a 30 minute meditation break to clear my mind, focus on my breathing, dropped down into my heart space, and became open to receive the message and guidance.

I felt so refreshed and refocused when I was done.  What message did I receive you ask?

  • Respond directly and completely to emails.
  • Follow up on action items.
  • Do not give energy to people that do not appreciate your contribution.
  • Trust in God and the path I am going
  • I deserve good things
  • It is okay to not accept everything that is giving to you.
  • What’s for me is for me and me only.
  • I am on the right path and making great progress (keep pressing on – no shade)
  • I can only be me and those that do not like it can get the h3%l on.
  • I can do anything I put my mind to.

So I am so glad that I found my happy place today.  I took time for me (which is rare with a family).  I got in touch with my feelings and emotions.  I also received confirmation and guidance.  I am in a very happy place.  Did I mention that when I got home, I was so happy – I love my family (they too are my happy place)!  Do you have trouble finding your happy place?

Best Wishes!


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