August 9, 2020

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Ray Rice Saga Continues!

ray rice saga

The Ray Rice saga continues. So for the past couple of days there have been numerous commentaries on the whole Ray Rice situation. I watched this video in horror. Wondering how could someone treat the woman they love like crap? In my humble opinion a man is supposed to love, honor, protect, and respect their wife (among other things).

According to the video, was it just me or did anyone see what appeared to be Ray spitting on his fiancé at the time Janay (not once but twice). Not only did Ray hit his fiancé with enough force for her to fall down, but in the process of falling she hit her head/face on the rail in the elevator. The puzzling thing would be the nonchalant attitude he seemed to have as he dragged her limp body like a sack of potatoes. Side Note: Spitting on a person is the most vial thing to me. That will make be put my hands on another person – for real! Let me be clear, I do not think people should put their hands on others (meaning hitting). However, if you need to defend yourself, you have to do what you have to do.

What truly baffled me was the statement for his now wife Janay which she blames the media for ruining their lives after Ray’s contract with the Ravens was terminated and he was indefinitely banned from the NFL (harsh punishment, huh). Also, just read Ray has been removed from Madden ’15 – dang. You know there always has to be an example made of someone in a particular situation (Mike Vick and Chris Brown come to mind). Check it out her post from Instagram – She has clearly forgiven him, if not she would not have walked down the aisle and become his wife. However, I do not understand why blame the media. The media did not cause the situation in New Jersey. The media did not lay hands on her. Blame the media? No, the both of them need to take ownership for their actions and move on as a united front. Point blank!

I am not the one to judge or condemn them for what was done or the response. My thought is that there will always be a double standard. If a woman attacks a man (Solange vs. JayZ), there is no backlash or outrage. However, when the reverse occurs (man o man), heads are going to roll honey. What I will offer the Rice’s is a prayer because everyone makes mistakes. I pray that Ray gets help for his anger/abuse issues. I pray that Janay (if she continues to be abused) finds the strength to reach out for help. I pray that together they move forward and find a way to help others. Side Note: I am not nor will I ever be a Ravens fan!

Best Wishes!


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