January 19, 2021

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Singer/Songwriter Belbel’s Video – Violets


Belbel’s Violets Video Link

WHO IS BELBEL?  (the official press release)

Melbourne singer/ songwriter on the rise, Isabelle Rich, makes a unique juxtaposition with the stereotypical Gen X and Y of today. Strong willed and confident at eighteen years of age, Belbel knows what she wants and has fought against all types of adversity to get it.

Belbel was born into a family of academic high achievers with both her mother and father pursuing successful careers in medicine. Isabelle rebutted the norm and from the tender age of 16 decided on her pathway and remained steadfast in achieving it. This mature outlook, whilst uniquely positive, was a social hindrance and meant she could not relate to those her age.

This social isolation was the catalyst that influenced Belbel’s career choices and the reason behind her complete musical immersion. A creative all-rounder and possessing an undeniable passion for song writing, she penned her emotions and thoughts into lyrics as a form of release and documentation of her life. Her aesthetic is immersive rather than isolated to a particular genre, as her work is inspired by music that crosses all spectrums.

Growing up surrounded by strict opinions, Isabelle found it difficult to challenge the principles that enclosed her, and felt a deep sense of confusion and anger that acknowledgement of the Arts, as a career pathway did not exist in the world in which she found herself.

The tipping point came when Isabelle won a trip to Los Angeles on the Music Immersive program founded by Lily Dawson. This was the beginning of the end for Isabelle – she was following her passion in a space where individuality was embraced and since this moment she has never looked back.

Violets, Isabelle’s debut single is a personal journey of longing, separation and isolation, questioning where she, and others, fit in in the world. The journey depicted through her music video is that of her own, and that of the ‘No-Name People’, a faceless metaphorical context of loneliness; lifeless men searching for vitality in a wasteland of emptiness that they know as home.

Their struggle is one that is relatable, and seems infinite, lacking in richness and colour. It isn’t until they and Belbel embrace their individuality and step off the conveyer belt and onto their own path, do they find a release. This message is significant to her own personal journey, her eventual self-discovery and ability to express her creativity lyrically, musically and through fashion.

Lyrically, Violets is contextually substantial, personal and significant. A raw and emotional account, that so many people experience every day; the inner battle between who you are and who you try to be.

To produce the clip, Isabelle partnered with New York based Director Blake Farber, Producer Emma Harrburger and Cinematographer Matt Wood. Isabelle created the visual storybook of Violets and asserted creative control. The clip was filmed in various locations Australia.

Isabelle is set to start preparing her first EP later this year. For more information please visit www.facebook.com/belbelmusic.

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