October 19, 2021

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Moon Man Anyone?

Moon man anyone

Moon Man Anyone?

Watched the MTV Video Music Awards 2014 last night, and thought to myself Moon Man Anyone? The show was not super impressive. I loved seeing the fashions on the red carpet and some of the performances were fantastic; however, some components could have been done differently or excluded from the line up all together. I am not going to run down the winners of the evening. What I am focusing on some of the performances and fashion. Check out my thoughts:


  • Of course, Jay and Blue Ivy presenting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Beyoncé. It was so touching and the see the baby clapping and say good job mommy warmed the heart. Beyoncé’s was different (innovative of course). She did an arrangement which intertwined the songs of her latest album.  It was done very well and seamlessly. The crowd was engaged and she was very interactive. Her voice was stellar as always. Congratulation Beyoncé!
  • Miley Cyrus brought awareness to teen homelessness. She allowed a former homeless teen to accept the Video of the Year award on her behalf. By using her platform to reach millions, he presented shocking statistics on teen’s without anywhere to go. So sad, awareness brings about change. Go Miley! No twerking for the fans this year.
  • Maroon 5, the performance was awesome and their stage was unique. Well unique to me as I have never really seen them in a live performance. Let me describe: so instead of a standard arch, it was an M for Maroon. Then in the back in the middle there was a V or Roman numeral for five. Did I mention they performed my favorite song – Wasted Years!
  • Usher’s humble and down to earth demeanor was personified on this evening because was so comfortable mingling with the fans on the red carpet. He was literally in the crowd. He had a performance which was entertaining and usual. The song performed was Give It to You which is very retro. It has a smooth Motown feel to me. When you hear that song, you just want to two step.
  • Fan appreciation – I loved the fact that they gave a fan and a guest an opportunity to go inside to view the show. They guy was so ecstatic that he was selected. Got give back to those who support you.
  • Wardrobe Successes (Red Carpet):
    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Iggy Azalea
    • Miley Cyrus
    • Beyoncé
    • Usher

Recommended Tweaks or Exclusions:

  • The comedian who was doing the various impressions. I do not remember his name but he was not funny.
  • The stage design was very busy and unconventional. It was very distracting. Lorde even had difficulty with finding her placement and the appropriate camera to speak into. I know networks try to push the envelope to get the artist closer to the fans, but this was a bit much.
  • There seemed to be not a ton of awards presented. Maybe I got distracted, but I do not recall many.
  • Wardrobe Failures (Red Carpet):
    • Amber Rose
    • Kim Kardashian
    • Katy Perry
    • Taylor Swift
    • Ariana Grande

All in all it was an entertaining show. I will experience being at the award shows in person with the artists I manage. Great job MTV! Moon man anyone?

Best Wishes!



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