September 19, 2021

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Cents, Sense, & Scents – Self Worth!

Self worth

I am sitting here this evening thinking about how I’ve made decision in my past based on what I thought others would want me to do. Maybe because I had some sort of self-esteem issues or whatever the reasons were I realized that my thoughts should always be in the equation. Some of the decisions cost me a lot! Things like: peace, happiness, money. That was long ago, I have learned my worth.

What do the words cents, sense, and scents mean to you? Well here’s what the words mean to me:

  1. Cents – coins, money, funds, change. People lessen the value of cents! Cents add up to dollars; dollars add up to hundreds of dollars, hundreds of dollars add up to thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars add up to millions of dollars. Regardless of what you have in your account or in your pocket, the amount of money you have (or don’t have) should never define who you are as a person. You should never look down on someone who has less than you or feel inferior (or unworthy) if you have less than the next man. VALUE YOU!
  2. Sense – the ability to experience the things around us through touch, taste, sight, smell, sound. Common sense also comes to mind. Our God given instinct (intuition). You were born with it, use it. You have it, trust it. TRUST YOU!
  3. Scents – the smells of life. The scents that come to mind which bring me joy: rain, fresh laundry, and a clean house. Good smells bring pleasure, while foul ones can change your mood. Putting on airs is one foul smell. Pretending you are something, you are not. Acting like someone you think people want you to be. If the people you think are your friends can’t accept you (the real you), then they are not your friends. BE YOU!

Always remember to value, trust and be yourself. If you don’t, who else will? We tend put ourselves on the back burner for other. You should always treat yourself well, know your self worth! Take some time for yourself, and if needs be look into products such as this thc infused e liquid to help you relax and feel a little chirpier! I know there are some instances where you would put others needs before your own, but this should not be an everyday occurrence people.

Best Wishes!


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