September 20, 2021

That Thing Called Life

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When opportunity knocks do you always answer?


Every time I get ready to turn away from fashion to focus on music, several new opportunities present. A week or so ago, I decided to sell off the entire inventory I have for Kaiya’s Kloset. To do this one option I found was an event called Fashionista Flea Market to become a vendor (I have more options lined up). Signed up and participated on yesterday.

The Experience

  • The event was great, not the amount of foot traffic though. However, the experience was great (plus it was awesome sharing it with my daughter). The event was held in Bowie, Maryland and the weather was near perfect. It was awesome seeing other entrepreneurs doing their thing. Being though this was my first “event”; the women shared tidbits of advice. It was great getting feedback from other vendors and customers on the products I had to offer. The first sell was awesome. The organizer was friendly and the event was well organized.
  • There was this little girl there, she was adorable. She was helping her auntie at her booth. She saw the skirts and was in love. Her mom brought her down to the purchase a skirt, and she picked our brown and pink leopard pettiskirt. Do you know she put the skirt on when she went back to her aunt’s space? That warmed my heart twirling and admiring her reflection in the mirror. When I put more skirts out, she spotted another one she liked and asked if I can set it aside for her because she was going to buy it when she got paid at the end of the day. Too adorbs!

New Opportunity

  • Since I participated in the event and the organizer tagged my Instagram page in her post, I received a message from another event organizer that wants to use my items in an upcoming fashion show. What? Well I don’t think it will hurt to get the information. So that being said, I sent an email to the organization manager to obtain the particulars. I also gained several new followers on my page.

I know that every opportunity that comes your way may not be the best thing for you. I know that you need to weigh all options before making a decision. I know that additional exposure can increase the demand for the product. I know that you should always have multiple income streams.

That being said, I will always make music the priority. However, as fashion opportunities come about I will weigh the options and determine the impact on the music career I am building.

Best Wishes!


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