October 20, 2021

That Thing Called Life

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Life and Love Baby!

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Life is life, love is love. I think this would be a cool motto. You know like how they used to close out a Soul Train episode with Love, Peace and SOOOOOUUUL! Just one of my many thoughts to consider – I have so many of them. You have to put in a lot to get the most out of both (life and love that is).  I am so looking forward to my vacation next week. I am going to enjoy every site and every experience (photos will be posted); like quality time with my family, walking barefoot across the hot New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland beach sands, breathing in the salt kissed breezes onboard a huge ferry, playing mini golf, riding on amusement park rides, and eating all I can eat crabs. Yes, winning!!!

After a few minutes of basking in the excitement which comes with prepping for vacation, I think why do I need to look forward to a vacation in order to get some sort of peace or joy? Really every day I should be living life and loving love. Something is wrong with this picture here. Now it is time for self-reflection because there is clearly a problem.

Why am I not this enthused on my daily grind? Could it be because I am calling my life a grind? That doesn’t sound right, does it? Realizing my past experiences and my desire to move forward has made my day to day feel like a chore instead of something to be enjoyed and/or appreciated. I have had hurts and pain that I realize still affect me to this day. How I deal with people, how a receive feedback, how much I share of myself, etc. Today, I am saying that sh%! is so bogus. I need to move on, pursue my dreams, and be happy always (not during vacation time or the weekends). I also need to remember that no matter how many times life hurts me, I cannot be afraid to give it another try.

Everyone gets hurt every now and then. When there is hurt, there should be a lesson to be learned. Here are some of the lessons we can learn: how to deal with certain situations; how to recognize negative or incompatible behaviors; how to appreciate; how to love and be loved; how to live. SIDEBAR: If you find yourself experiencing the same type of hurts by the same people (or maybe different people) in your life, you need to do some serious self-evaluation. You need to determine if dealing with the person or staying in situation is worth your happiness. A lot of us tend to put other’s feelings before our own. Always remember that YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS!

So remember you are not the only person going through things. Nor, are you going through more things than anyone else (you will be surprised). You also have to move forward. It is okay to sit in the hurt for a minute, but there should be a time limit that you set for yourself. However, if you need help, then reach out. I am sure there will be a helping hand for you to hold onto. Instead of saying love don’t live here anymore, say pain/hurt don’t live here anymore. Live this life and love to the fullest people. Life is life and love is love. Boom!!!

Best Wishes!


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