September 20, 2021

That Thing Called Life

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Tell Me Why You Really Mad!!

It is so hard dealing with people at times. Especially those that have a problem with you and you have no idea why, nor have they expressed their feelings as to what is going on. I am an understanding and considerate person; however, at some point I am going to stop caring why {that Tashia can be cold as ice baby (VIRGO) – LOL}.  

If you are angry with someone, you need to figure out why you are really angry. Now if the person did something directly to you, then that is understandable. However, having a third party issue with a person is ridiculous (meaning you mad because someone else is mad). Not to mention, so is being mad because of certain consequences of actions.


  1. Figure out why you are mad
  2. Understand your role in the situation
  3. Communicate to the person that wronged you (if there is need for you to apologize, do so). Clearly outline the offense, how it made you feel, and what you are looking for to right the situation. NOTE: Be ready for what the person has to say in response. You may not like it.
  4. If it can’t be resolved, wash your hands of the situation and move on with your life!  I know that sounds harsh, but no need to hold on to a fracture relationship that can’t be put together. You will continue to get cut on the jagged parts.

Having unresolved anger, issues, and resentment is not good for present or future relationships. Let go and let God! 

Best Wishes!