September 20, 2021

That Thing Called Life

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A day in the life of a project manager!!!


The last couple of days have been very challenging. Mind you I am on vacation, but being the dedicated employee that I am, sent/responded to emails and facilitated four meetings. My efforts were for not because I ultimately got blamed for one of the meetings having to be rescheduled. No I was not the cause of the reschedule. The meeting was rescheduled because the business consultant did not do what they were tasked to do. Not only was I blamed for the person not updating the document, I was told they didn’t have enough time to complete the updates, and I wasn’t clear in my meeting notes of the deadline to complete the updates (NOTE: my manager did send out a “clarifying” email which said the updates have to be done by 6:00 pm. Guess what? The updates were provide close to 7pm). Oh did I mention that I also received an interesting email from said manager which said that she needed a document from me by 5pm (the same day) and that “since the project has VP visibility, she expects more drive and dedication from me.”  Surprise, surprise!!

Can you imagine how I felt when I read the words “I expect more drive and dedication”?  This after I spent time, that I could have been enjoying my family, working on this project.  Can you imagine what my husband had to say about the situation (I got blasted – for the record)?

As I absorbed what my boss, my blood was boiling and all I could think about was the following (Note: there was no acknowledgement that I am engaged during my vacation time):

  • How should I deal with this situation? Zap out and tell her what’s on my mind (no filter).
  • Should I sign off and never return to my job? You may say drastic, but you don’t know the half of what I deal with. So much politics!
  • Change my views and expectations of others?
  • Stop responding and enjoy what remains of my vacation?


I decided to let it be known that I was feeling bullied and unappreciated for the efforts made.  I reiterated that I was unable to meet her deadline and will not be available for the remainder of my vacation.


Never let others take your kindness for weakness (I MEAN NO ONE!).  We are all imperfect humans that have rights.  Everyone deserves to feel respect and appreciation.  I always treat others as I want to be treated (I am sure you do the same).  If something is weighing on you, you have to speak your mind to make the offender aware of your feelings.  Some people don’t realize the impact they have on you.  Let it be known!!!

Best Wishes


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